The Team

NeilDespite his healthy obsession with Direct Mail, Neil is actually quite normal.  He is the real life persona of Ronseal – he does exactly what he said he would. Neil loves a challenge and thrives on deadlines, which is vital for clients. His limitless energy levels seem fuelled by caffeine and for our own sanity we ensure that he is restricted to only 4 cups of coffee per day. You’ll thank us for this. He is a respected member of BNI Edgwarebury and gets up at the crack of dawn every Friday to educate them on Direct Mail, one envelope at a time.  When he’s not working, he’s erm probably sleeping.

Fav Music – Luther Vandross
Fav Food – Chicken Soup
Fav Film – True Romance and Reservoir Dogs
Fav TV Programme – MOTD (When my team wins) and Secret Millionaire (I always cry)
Most Like to Meet – Kylie / Danni Minogue and Lord Lucan
Likes – Clothes, Trainers, Crisps, Football and spending time with my family
Dislikes – Late Payers, Nasty Envelopes, Caramel and people who don’t indicate when turning left or right!

IanIan is slightly less obsessed with Direct Mail, but to be honest that isn’t difficult. He is our industry’s equivalent of a bouncer; nothing comes in or out without him knowing about it.  With a slightly geeky edge to him, he handles all of the data work and although he has yet to confess, we believe that instead of counting sheep when he’s tired, he focuses on pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. Even though here in North London, we’re nowhere near the water, Ian is proud to say that he runs a tight ship here.  Outside of CDM, he fancies himself as a bit of a DJ, the music variety and not the suit.

Fav Music – Booka Shade
Fav Food – Anything with Lobster involved
Fav Film – Bugsy Malone and Dumb and Dumber
Fav TV Programme – The In Betweeners and Facejacker
Most Like to Meet – Megan Fox and Barack Obama
Likes – Djing, Crisps, Trainers, Football and House music
Dislikes – Dirty data, Wavy paper, Anything that’s tastes like coffee & Angel Delight!