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Data Sourcing – The who?

A campaign usually starts with the “who”.  Not the instrument-smashing band of the 60s, but the “who” in this case, being the people that you’re mailing. If it’s a customer mailing, you’ll supply us with the database, but if it’s a prospect mailing, you can supply it or we can help source it for you.  We can assist with both business and consumer data lists. Enquire about our data sourcing.

Data Cleansing – Is yours dirty?

We pride ourselves on acting responsibly with direct mail and encourage our clients to ensure that their data is cleaned regularly. We’re not suggesting that you dismantle your PC and wipe down your hard drive with disinfectant, but that you make sure that your data is as accurate and up-to-date as possible and doesn’t include duplicate entries or missing postcodes.  Dirty data costs you money. We can help clean your database as part of your mailing campaign. Ask us how we would improve your database.

Industry terminology unwrapped!

Merging Data

It sounds clever and it is. We can merge the contact information from the database that you / we supply with a letter and print all of your documents here ready for insertion into envelopes / polybags / jiffybags etc.

Design & Print

With the volumes of mailings we do, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that we buy a lot of print work. By sharing our access to trade print prices, we are usually able to deliver this at a significantly lower cost than most clients can achieve themselves. Call us on 020 8802 6111 to see how competitive our prices are.

We used to get asked regularly if we knew a good designer, as luck would have it, we know several! If you need any design work from a logo to a brochure, we’ll put you in touch with someone who can help you.

The Packaging

Packaging is essentially one of the most important parts of any mailing campaign. It’s the first thing that they see when it arrives.  We can supply plain or printed envelopes, polybags, boxes, jiffybags, metallic bags etc in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

The Mailing

We use Royal Mail for all of our postal mailings and can make independent recommendations on the best options for your mailing whether it is cost or speed that is most important to you. We can frank your mail using our Royal Mail account or yours, or for that really personal touch, we can attach stamps for you instead. Alternatively we can supply pre-printed envelopes.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and would be considered by people outside of our industry as a little odd for getting upset about a stamp that was stuck in the wrong place or at the wrong angle.  Our knowledge of the services available from Royal Mail & the regulations that apply, mean that you will always receive the maximum discount on postage available to you.

The Distribution

There are other ways to reach your target market through their letterbox, and we don’t mean by shouting! As well as targeted mail, we also offer leaflet distribution services. If the words “leaflet drop” conjure up an image of thousands of your leaflets strewn on the pavement or dumped in a skip, you’ve been talking to the wrong companies and not to us. Talk to Central Direct Mailing about our leaflet distribution by calling us on 020 8802 6111.

The Stuffing

There are 2 methods we use to stuff envelopes; the good old traditional method of ‘by hand’, and the more modern approach of ‘by machine’.

Industry terminology unwrapped!

Hand Insertion

As it implies, this is work done by hand instead of machine. It may be done by hand for a number of different reasons, such as having to insert a pen or an item into an envelope that wouldn’t go through the machine.

Machine Insertion

As it implies, this is work done by machine. This is obviously quicker with some of our machines operating at up to 8,000 folds / inserts an hour!

Machine Collation

This is used when we have several items requiring insertion into one envelope. The machine arranges them into the proper sequence. After all, Mrs Mary Scott* doesn’t want to receive a letter addressed to her together with a booking form addressed to Mr John Reed!*

*None of the characters represented within this page are fictional. Any resemblance to a fictional character is purely coincidental.